How Virt-U Plans to Change Gaming Forever

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December 13, 2017
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It’s quite a statement don’t you think? ‘Virt-U plans to change gaming forever’ Well yes! It is, but it’s true! Let me tell you why.

Think of the times when you played ‘that’ game – the one you can’t seem to put down, the feeling of satisfaction you get when you clear just one more level or defeat the ‘BIG BOSS’ that has taken you many hours or even days to work out how to do it….so now how about getting that type of satisfaction a second time i.e. once in the game and again in real life?

Virt-U is creating a decentralised virtual world trading platform. It’s a little like a virtual world app or play store but this time with game assets instead of apps.

Think of it, that gun or car or any in-game asset that took you so long to acquire could be worth loads of VRTs!

Wait…But What is a VRT?

A VRT is the token or currency that is used to power the Virt-U platform. That asset will be registered tracked and secured as your asset on the trusted Ethereum blockchain (ERC20), the smart contract that comes with Ethereum will store all details of the asset securely.

What does this mean?

Well, this means that, not only will you get the satisfaction from completing the level or defeating the BIG BOSS, but then the icing on the cake is that you could sell your assets on the Virt-U platform for real world money!

Thanks to blockchain technology, and in time Virt-U, gone will be the days when you sell, or indeed buy, in-game assets on online auction sites only to have them taken away from you for various reasons.


Allow me to give you an example of how Virt-U could change the way you play games:

You and your friends start playing the latest game that has just come out and you quickly start doing very well on it and gain some very sought after assets.

Then your friends decide they have had enough of this game and start play on the new game that just came out!

What do you do?


All you need to do is upload all of those assets you acquired in the last game to the Virt-U platform and sell them for VRT’s, then with the VRT’s in your account you can now buy assets for the new game and in essence get a massive head-start over the rest of your friends!

You have got to love that, no?

Well if you have, wait till we tell you another piece of good news.

Are you ready for this?

Up until now we’ve been talking about how amazing it would be to make your favourite games come to life… but what if we told you that Virt-U is more than a gaming platform.

What if we told you, that you could earn a living from creating virtual assets on the Virt-U Platform?

Finding Your Dream Career With Virt-U

virt-u network token virtual gaming platform

Here, we’re not just talking about the opportunity for game developers to work from the comfort of their home, doing what they like best and what they’re actually good at, earning real world financial gains in the process – which is already something that has never been done before but we’re also talking about the opportunities that will come to exist for various professions. For instance an architect, a hairstylist or a film producer.

As Co-Founder Daniel Doll-Steinberg explains;

“Technology has reached a point where game developers can cost effectively create convincing and engaging virtual worlds with thriving and dynamic communities. People employed in these virtual worlds need to survive in the real world. Virt-U will create the platform that allows virtual money to be transferred into the real world.”

And so, Virt-U will not only be a revolutionary world for gamers, but also for employees, looking for new career opportunities.

Virt-U will be unlocking possibilities for Virtual Careers.

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We know you are going to love the progress we are making to make all of the above, a Virt-U reality!

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