Virt-U VR Worlds Will Become Major Employers

Virt-U: The Virtual World Revolution
November 17, 2017

According to a technology expert, virtual reality worlds will become major employers from which millions of
people earn their living. Daniel Doll-Steinberg – who created the platform that publishers use to deliver
codes to unlock entertainment products such as music, movies, software and games – believes that virtual
reality worlds will become the new frontier for explorers, engineers and professionals.

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Daniel believes that much of the employment, considered by some that may be lost to robots and artificial
intelligence in the real world, will be replaced by people going to work in virtual worlds. As technology
makes the world smaller, with few remaining places to discover, he goes on to suggest that virtual reality
ecospheres will be the go to place for people to discover new lands, pioneer industries and establish new
models. Just as in the real world, those navigating on a computer generated world will be able to stake a
claim to undiscovered land, inhabit it and build new projects there.

Daniel speculates that these new projects in the virtual world will unlock the opportunities for virtual world
services, creating jobs for the likes of engineers who understand construction in disparate and unrestrained
environments. Eventually, he claims, all real world skills will be just as valuable in the computer-generated

He is so convinced that this new virtual economy will take off that his latest venture Virt-U is investing in
creating a virtual world economic platform that will allow people to turn virtual assets into valuable
possessions. By bringing together a team of platform specialists, blockchain skills and gaming experts, Virt-U
is building this platform underpinning the multitude of virtual reality worlds that can be used to transfer and
transform crypto-currency into cash.

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Daniel said: “At the moment there is a lot of apprehension about how technology with new robots and
artificial intelligence will destroy jobs. That may well be true but, as it has in the past, technology will also
create jobs, though this time in the virtual reality world. This is something we are keen to be part of.

“Some have suggested that robots will become so efficient that eventually people will be paid not to work.
We human beings, however, like to be productive and have opportunities and I believe there will be plenty
of job opportunities in these new computer generated worlds and that is exciting,

“Technology has reached a point where game developers can cost effectively create convincing and engaging
virtual worlds with thriving and dynamic communities. People employed in these virtual worlds need to
survive in the real world. Virt-U will create the platform that allows virtual money to be transferred into the
real world.

“When settlers first moved to new countries they would convert local products and currencies into money
they could use at home. That’s effectively what we are doing. Just in 10,000’s of new and exciting worlds
catering for every interest, all without dislodging existing cultures.”

The Virt-U token sale is coming soon backed by some of the key players in the space including Ian
Livingstone CBE, Jez San OBE, and Edward Moalem.

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